Digital Mock Up Expert


Location Name:Markham
Price$1,200 (Taxes not included)
Location Address:50 Acadia Ave, Markham, ON L3R 0B3
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Start DateJul-30-2018
End DateJul-31-2018
Description:KIN: the students will be able to understand the capabilities and the General Process followed in DMU Kinematics workbench, define mechanism using an existing assembly, give the motion commands to your mechanism and impart movement to the various components of your mechanism, perform various analyses when the mechanism is being simulated, sequence multiple mechanisms and run them in proper time intervals.

SPA: perform measurements in the context of a digital mock-up, create views to see the inner details of complex assemblies, perform interference checks to identify clashes and contacts, and to verify component clearances, compare different versions of the components to identify and highlight changes.

FIT: understand the general process of fitting simulation to study assemby/ assembly operations, define shuttles and groups, create tracks to move components or a group of components, define the order in which the tracks and actions will take place, find the time duration for each track and action, perform clash analysis during sequence and tracks simulation.

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